Ludacris – Bada Boom (Video)

All over the Internet ppl been talking about Luda’s harsh words towards Drake & Big Sean. Many question was his diss justified or just to sell records. Many Ppl asked me to voice my opinion on this so I will.

I think Ludacris is one of the illest lyricists in the game and put out a catalog of great music. With that being said it does not negate the fact that Luda and many other artist began using Drake’s and Big Sean’s signature flow. Was it disrespectful for Luda to be singled out and used as an example!?! Yes! As a legend in the game he deserved more respect. If a legend is using your style it is an honor!
As for the younger HipHop heads please understand Luda is not a joke! Ask T.I how Luda almost Ja Ruled his career with just one bar!!!

After hearing Big Sean explain himself I actually gained respect for him. Young and old this is our music and we can do without the ignorance.