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Lyfetyme Ft Twist – All We Know

New music from Lyfetyme as he gears up to drop Lyfetyme the self titled Ep. Also be on the look out for Lyfetyme & Lugz joint album coming soon.

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Lyfetyme The Myth The Legend The Icon

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Check out Lyfetyme’s latest “Fire” as he continues to encourage and promote one to believe in themselves and obtain what is deemed unreachable.


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Jay-Z Vs Lil Wayne!!! Can they even be compared?

Music has changed to reflect the current times & environment. HipHop as a whole culture has become more tolerant of things they would never accept 10 to 15 years ago. HipHop has lost it’s identity with his transition with most of it’s top acts using too much musical influences in the music, style, and stage shows. Today we find the Rock n Roll grip on artists like Lil Wayne tatted up pill popping even at one time coke using frame. Many HipHop artists are more along the lines of auto tune singers/rappers incorporating MaxB’s style. During the 90’s of HipHops most successful all around era Jay-Z locked the game down on all levels yearly until his brief retirement. Dictating how label heads will promote & even model their artist after Jay-Z laid his blueprint while the ambitious Lil Wayne was out to prove to the world he has more to offer than what was considered a “southern rapper”. Jay-Z has the greatest catalogue HipHop has ever seen to date. Debates from barbershops, college campuses, online blogs for a few years now since the Carter 2 has been questioning is Wayne better than Jay-Z.

One main problem with this argument, can you compare Dwayne Wade to Jordan? Lebron? Not even Kobe respectively gets compared to Jordan because of the caliber of athletes Jordan faced. This is very much the same with Jay-Z, Jay became a giant among the biggest names in HipHop and proved time and time again why. Lil Wane a great artist with a great work ethic has been the most dominant force in HipHop at the moment. Both MCs received great pop artist success & respect on a street level. So why can’t we compare the two??? SIMPLE!!! Lil Wayne rhymes can be mediocre and simple numerous times with loose verses that should be Mixtape material. Whereas Jay-Z took us into the psyche of a black male hustling in America. He gave us an honest display of life through the eyes of many Brooklynites in the 80s & 90s. He created songs instead of just metaphors with words that rhymed, he made us the reflection of what he seen in the mirror when we threw on our headphones.

Jay-Z has 15 chart topping albums Under his belt & some of HipHops most memorable tours to date. Comparing someone with far less achievements is taking away from the progress of the genre. Is Lil Wayne a great artist? Yes! Can he be compared to Jay-Z No! Jay-Z’s track records trumps any detractors of the throne, Nas so far besides Big & Pac has been his only true competition.

We can pick at both MCs flaws back and forth but we cannot argue Jay-Z’s accomplishments. Will Lil Wayne ever be as successful as Jay-Z I honestly doubt it because of his many limitations set onto himself by himself. Business wise investors invest in Jay-Z’s name which they can credit as a safe bet and someone who posses enough for collateral if they invest amounts towards 100 million. The same can never be said of an artist who has been locked up, is known for his drug habits and not one profitable business outside of HipHop in the multiple millions generating capital. So when we weigh in on both artist we have to take into account;

MCing 1st! Jay-Z by a landslide

Style & influence (Jay-Z)

Sales (Jay-Z)

Impact on the genre and culture of HipHop (Jay-Z).

When you look at this argument you begin to realize it isn’t much of an argument when the facts factor in.

Oh & fuck a spell check I’m getting ready to brace for an east coast hurricane! Sexy Female with me Check! Cigaro check! Liquor Check!

Lyfetyme Feat Dj Twist Aqua – Fire

Check out Lyfetyme’s latest “Fire” as he continues to encourage and promote one to believe in themselves and obtain what is deemed unreachable.


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DOWNLOAD | Lyfetyme Feat Dj Twist Aqua – Fire

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Photography done by Anthony B for http://www.visionsofra.com



USA Today praises Watch The Throne

As soon as Jay-Z and Kanye West announced they were naming their joint album project Watch the Throne, it was clear that the superstar rappers were aiming to raise the creative bar for themselves and hip-hop in general. They’ve realized those ambitions on Throne (**** out of four), a potent set of tracks that finds them stepping up their games and stepping out of their comfort zones.

While both display their characteristic swagger and dabble in materialism, they also ruminate on religion, poverty, crime, loss and the price of success. Their chemistry — born of a decade-long association — allows each to carve out his own stylistic space, with Jay-Z coolly delivering his incisive lyrical darts, while the more emotional West thrives on adrenaline-fueled punchlines.
Throne, which has been anticipated for nearly a year, became available exclusively on iTunes Monday. (The CD will be in stores Friday.)
West oversaw production of the album, which has a broad sonic palette thanks to the contributions of RZA, Swizz Beatz, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, Q-Tip and others.
The percussive drive of album opener No Church in the Wild underpins Jay-Z’s contemplation of the relevance of the clergy and ancient philosophers to someone who makes his living on the streets, while R&B star Frank Ocean questions, “What is a God to a non-believer?” That song’s edginess gives way to a swirl of synthesizers on the epic anthem Lift Off, which features Beyoncé. Two songs later, the rappers wallow in luxury on the humorous Otis, built on soul great Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness.
They veer back to more serious themes with the introspective New Day. Both wonder how they would raise the sons that neither of them have. Reflecting on his own controversies, West says, “I just want ’em to have an easy life / Not like Yeezy life / Just want ’em to be someone people like / Don’t want ’em to be hated all the time, judged.” Jay-Z expresses concern about the inevitable media attention any child he and Beyoncé might have would attract: “Sorry, Junior, I already ruined ya / ‘Cause you ain’t even alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya.”
Welcome to the Jungle finds Jay-Z lamenting personal losses and overcoming his struggles (“I look in the mirror, I’m my only opponent”). Murder to Excellence delineates the homicide rate in urban communities, but is hopeful that the senseless violence can be stemmed by more achievement. On an equally potent Made in America, the two talk about their rises to fame, while acknowledging those who helped and inspired them.
They’ve also clearly inspired each other. Star collaborations don’t always work out as well in practice as they do on paper (see: Jay-Z and R. Kelly). But in this case, they’ve created an artistic Throne that other rappers can aspire to.
>> Download:No Church in the Wild, Who Gon Stop Me, New Day, Welcome to the Jungle, Murder to Excellence

Just my thoughts

When following your dreams many will not see your vision, many will not be supportive until it materializes into something deemed successful. As an independent artist without an advance chances are until someone cuts you a check many will be unsupportive. You look yourself in the mirror asking yourself questions of doubt is the first sign of defeat. This is your dreams. This is your blood, sweat, and tears not anyone elses. Stop waiting for someone to be your biggest fan than yourself first. You have to become your own cheerleader. Find your niche then attack your core audience first.

Your core audience is usually those who will be the first listeners to relate to your music and story. To build your fan base up you need to connect with those individuals first. Ignore the talentless uncreative individuals who spend 24hrs on facebook and twitter saying “everyone wants to be model, rapper, or singer”. Chances are they are bitter individuals who hate anyone that recognizes their gifts. If you are chasing your dreams I encourage you to attain the best back up plan ever, a college degree!!!

Do not burn bridges, do not look down on other musicians, expand your options, and network as much as you can. Like any other relationships in life let someone actions talk for them. Many are great at selling dreams and a desperate artist will fall victim for anything. Never pay money for services you can do your self.

Instead of paying to get on a showcase use that money to book a spot and throw your own show. Instead of paying a Dj to host a Mixtape use that money for marketing. Instead of paying for to get your music on someones website create your own. Own the mentality of being independent.