Check us out as we interact with fans and possible new fans in SXSW. Just out in the streets having a great time feeding off of people’s great energy. People from many different walks of life in Austin, TX to support great music from multiple genres of musicians.

Tell us which songs are your favorite!!!


Instagram: @lyfetyme @hookmastaz @tonyforambientshoots

More photos will be added!

Photography courtesy of @tonyofambientshoots



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1403_2014marchSXSW_141 1403_2014marchSXSW_139

1403_2014marchSXSW_132 1403_2014marchSXSW_1261403_2014marchSXSW_1251403_2014marchSXSW_124

1403_2014marchSXSW_122 1403_2014marchSXSW_118

1403_2014marchSXSW_110 1403_2014marchSXSW_1071403_2014marchSXSW_102

1403_2014marchSXSW_101 1403_2014marchSXSW_098



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Black History Month – Malcolm X


“When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that he will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a man saying he wants freedom, but in the next breath he is going to tell you what he won’t do to get it, or what he doesn’t believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn’t believe in freedom. A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire . . . or preserve his freedom.” – Malcolm X

Malcolm X Speeches Interviews and Speeches

“Ain’t New to This” Behind The Scenes Photos. PT1 Courtesy of A.I.P Media (@StrayPome)

Hookmastaz & Lyfetyme shot one of their most anticipated videos off of their Devil’s Playground album with director Puma. The second single of the album “Ain’t New To This” Feat DEX.   VisionOfRa and Stray Pome (A.I.P Media) both took behind the scenes footage.  Models casted by @QsFlavas

Here are some shots courtesy of A.I.P Media.

659_10152605642050655_2043501492_n 59774_10152605639095655_1068396303_n 63926_10152605636725655_1774161465_n 64170_10152605619990655_2023084740_n 69197_10152605619170655_1602063308_n 535438_10152605633790655_2013549233_n 542846_10152605642485655_414011174_n 549955_10152605620565655_1663152108_n 576043_10152605648530655_1853224946_n 576290_10152605620295655_1594066894_n 577785_10152605620010655_685259511_n 625685_10152605632440655_6635250_n


Huge shout out to @StrayPome and A.I.P Media.




Dope Shots: Paintings By @GGChanel

Hip Hop is a culture of art erupted on beats instead of a canvas. Art and Hip Hop are very much the same capturing the world in individuals own renditions of how they view it.

This artist is @GGChanel one of my peoples from twitter. I seen her post some of her work and wanted to showcase it here. Check it out show some love.

Lyfetyme The Myth The Legend The Icon

Check out both singles on Itunes Today!!! Recorded, Produced, & Mixed at http://www.aquastudiony.com By DjTwistAqua.



As requested reuploaded to Datpiff.com



Check out Lyfetyme’s latest “Fire” as he continues to encourage and promote one to believe in themselves and obtain what is deemed unreachable.


Itunes Link

DOWNLOAD | Lyfetyme Feat Dj Twist Aqua – Fire

Recorded & Produced by DjTwistAqua for http://www.aquastudiony.com

Photography done by Anthony B for http://www.visionsofra.com