Check us out as we interact with fans and possible new fans in SXSW. Just out in the streets having a great time feeding off of people’s great energy. People from many different walks of life in Austin, TX to support great music from multiple genres of musicians.

Tell us which songs are your favorite!!!


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More photos will be added!

Photography courtesy of @tonyofambientshoots



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1403_2014marchSXSW_122 1403_2014marchSXSW_118

1403_2014marchSXSW_110 1403_2014marchSXSW_1071403_2014marchSXSW_102

1403_2014marchSXSW_101 1403_2014marchSXSW_098



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New Music: “What Ever You Like” – Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz (Prod. By NY Bangers)

1402_2-16-2014 devilsplaygroundartisticshoot_001-6 (1)

Proving once again that independent HipHop artists can create great songs besides the norm heard from the genre. Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz create a smooth record over the NY Bangers produced track “What Ever You Like” off their Devil’s Playground 2 Album.

Be sure to follow the BK duo as they hit the stages of Austin, TX during SXSW 2014!!



DP2 Promo photography by http://www.ambientshoots.com

New Music: Devil’s Playground 2 – Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz

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Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz follow up to their debut album Devil’s Playground with a sequel with production from Paul Cabbin, Foorson, JNieves, and more. The Canarsie, Brooklyn duo teams up again to deliver a solid album paying homage to Canarsie with records like ‘Piers of Canarsie’ and ‘The Order”. The album is a mixture of slick wordplay, strong hooks, and great production bringing listeners to the NYC streets as well as the clubs.



Click Here Devil’sPlayground2 Download Link

Smoke Screen – Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz (Prod. By J.D Beats)


Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz drops the 2nd offering off of their upcoming Devil’s Playground 2 album titled “Smoke Screen”. The thunderous track produced by J.D. Beats reeks of confidence when the duo adds their NYC style braggadocios lyrics and attitude to the beat. Stepping up the production for their second album Hookmastaz executes with a triumphant hook that will make this a winter anthem anywhere loud speakers are permitted.



Ride Tonight – Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz Feat Pree (Produced By Foorson Music)




Foorson blesses Devil’s Playground 2 with his chilling production setting the tone for the new street anthem by The Canarsie duo featuring King Jaffe Pree. The melodic track’s atmosphere is set with Lyfetyme’s hook followed by each emcee bringing their own style to the beat blending perfectly weaving through the record. This is the first offering from Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz upcoming Devil’s Playground 2 Album.